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Wenzhou Betta Amusement Toys Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:유치원 목재 가구, 야외 나무 놀이터, 플라스틱 슬라이드 및 스윙 세트, 실내 부드러운 놀이터, 야외 공원 놀이터
No. 1 다른 놀이터 부문 가장 인기 있는International service centers(2)ODM services availableOn-site technical supportDesign-based customization

Main Categories

Pokiddo 트램폴린 공원 2.1-2.20(PTP)
Betta 실내 놀이터 BT2.1-2.40 (BIP)
Betta 실내 놀이터 BT2.1-2.40 (BIP)
실내 놀이터 액세서리 2.18 (IPA)
100 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$200.00 - US$300.00/평방미터
50.0 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$350.00 - US$380.00/평방미터
50 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$450.00 - US$500.00/평방미터
20 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$120.00 - US$160.00/평방미터
50 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$120.00 - US$160.00/평방미터
50 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$40.00 - US$55.00/평방미터
100.0 평방미터(Min. Order)

Sports Park Attractions

US$1,000.00 - US$3,000.00/평방미터
1 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$400.00 - US$420.00/평방미터
10 평방미터(Min. Order)
US$90.00 - US$110.00/평방미터
1 평방미터(Min. Order)

BETTAPLAY is your 1-stop solution for kids zone builder and consultant. Our main products are kindergartens outdoor and indoor playground , school furniture, plastic , EPP and EVA playground for kids zone and play area.You are welcome to visit / videocall us to see our workshop LIVE SHOW anytime you want .Bettaplay started exporting to many countries since 2017,so far we've exported playground to 155+ different countries.

  We have our own franchise branding-Pokiddo since 2018. Now we 've built more than 40 Pokiddo franchises in China and more than 3 Pokiddo Franchies in abroad,which are in Madrid, Boston, Duba. 

  Each Pokiddo Franchise shop needs to pass TUV Rheinland Safety Test . Before 2020,Pokiddo had served more than 300 Million customers worldwide . Help you build and run your own playground more easily and successfully.