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2600sqm2 Family Entertainment Center-----Quanzhou AP Sports Center

A family entertainment center, also abbreviated as FEC in the entertainment industry, is an indoor amusement park targeting families with small children and teenagers. In family entertainment center, not only  the small children or teenagers can enjoy happy time, the parents can also find fun experience with their kids. AP Sports Center is a 2600m² sports FEC in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. As you can see the above final 3D design, the park  can be divided into five main zones: reception&party room, trampoline park zone, challenge zone, ninja tag arena and a racing car zone. Pokiddo, as a manufacturer for trampoline park and family entertainment center, is the builder and park investor of the AP park. We look forward to building more family entertainment centers to bring healthy happiness to families. 

Largest Pokiddo Magic Trampoline Park in Hangzhou-----Total venue size 9000 m²

Pokiddo Magic tramopline park has so many popular attractions to offer in the park. In the main trampoline zone, you will find the free jump zone, slam dunk basketball, high performance trampoline, interactive tap fun, velcro wall, trampoline boxing, large foam pit with battle beam, swing bridge and roll beam, dodgeball zone, etc. In the climbing wall zone, it includes astroball climbing, sky stepper, jump tower, and art climbing walls, all with novel designs. In the adventure/challenge area, you can challenge the ninja course, the slides including donut slide, triple wave slide and crazy slide, zipline, spider drop tower, etc, all giving your adrenaline a boost. And there’s also indoor football field, Kart Racing and CS laser, etc. 

Zhuhai Pokiddo is a  4000 m² Pokiddo Franchise Trampoline Park -----project with 33+ games included. 


It's a like a fun heaven for young adults and teenagers. In the trampoline park area, they can jump freely and enjoy hilarious experience from basketball zone, spider wall, foam pit zone, swing bridge and interactive play, etc. In the climbing area, you will find step to heavens, astroball climbing, face climbing, etc. In the soft play area, there are crazy slides, wave slides, rainbow nets in the ball poll, etc. they are kids' favorite and bring them real happiness. If you're brave enough, the roller glider, jump tower, and ropes course should be your top choices. They can really drive your adrenaline high. 



DA LIAN Pokiddo park-----5000m² Pokiddo Franchise Trampoline Park

Introduction and location of Dalian Pokiddo House Sports Workshop
Pokiddo Sports Workshop is a well-known trampoline manufacturer and brand operator in the country. There are more than 800 venues and construction cases of over 400,000 square meters of sports workshops across the country.Dalian Pokiddo House Sports Factory is located in Bingshan Huigu Industrial Park, the old factory of Dalian Bingshan Group, near Chunliu Metro Station, with convenient transportation. Bingshan Huigu Industrial Park has built a comprehensive art industrial park integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment and research based on the old factory buildings of Bingshan Group.

Beijing Guantu Family Sports Center - 5,000 square meters of large indoor sports park

5000㎡ large space, six themed play areas
Central Pagoda Area, Another World Island, Guantu Junction Station, Tour Carnival,Trampoline bouncy island, sports club
30+ play items, volley adventure, space castle, aerial acrobatics
Flying slam dunk, unpowered cycling track, AR phantom dance, 360° aerial bike...
Covers the play needs of parent-child families of almost all ages
The design of the crown map covers
Run, Jump, Climb, Climb, Drill, Jump, Slide
Various forms of exercise
Difficulty level from low to high, everyone can participate
A neat rectangular interior space
Various amusement facilities at a glance


2500sqm2 Pokiddo Trampoline Park in Bazhou, Langfang

Park Size: 2500 sqm2 

Parking Lot Space: 2000 sqm2

Attractions: Free Jump Zone, High Performance Trampoline, Foam Pit with climbing wall, swing bridge and battle beam, ninja course, crazy slides, donut slide, inflatable wipeout, football airtrack and kids playground. 

Location: Bazhou City, Hebei Province, China

Mr. Zhu and Mr. Zheng are the investors of the Bazhou Pokiddo trampoline park. They have been researching about trampoline park since the beginning of 2018. 

Huzhou ONE Indoor Trampoline and Adventure Park----3000 square meters real case

A sports park designed, produced, installed and built by the leading domestic light sports entertainment ecological service provider, Pocket House Amusement. Combining digital sports with amusement, advocating "sports entertainment, entertainment sports", creating offline "traffic pool" + "social space" for all ages, and committed to building a "sports entertainment center for the whole family".
The venue includes 30+ projects such as rapid slides, 360° bicycles, classic fun trampolines, basketball interactions, high-altitude jumping towers, rock climbing, ziplines, doll machines, high-altitude swings and super-screen somatosensory games, which are extremely rich and innovative indoor projects. comprehensive sports and entertainment venues.

Pokiddo Indoor Trampoline Park to Open in Erdos, Inner Mongolia-----2000 m²  let's fly together on the prairie!

As shown by this magnificent door, Zhang is always an investor who pursues quality and content, the investor of the trampoline park of the Junger Flag Store. It’s really fate. Originally, Zhang always came to Wenzhou because of another trampoline manufacturer. At first, he contacted me with the idea of ​​taking a look at the pocket house amusement, but after inspecting our factory and direct sales store. , recognized us very much, and reached a cooperation with us when only the planning drawings were produced but the renderings were not produced. I am really grateful to Mr. Zhang for his trust in us.


The Chinese dragon, also known as loong, long or lung, is a legendary creature in Chinese mythology, Chinese folklore, and Chinese culture at large. Chinese dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles and fish, but are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. Academicians have identified four reliable theories on the origin of the Chinese dragon: snakes, Chinese alligators, thunder and nature worship.They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture.During the days of Imperial China, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial strength and power.

Customized Outdoor Play Equipment

The customization of rides is not a simple delivery process, but a contest of choice and cooperation. The first is to grasp the precautions of customized facilities and avoid stepping on pits. What do you need to pay attention to when customizing outdoor playground equipment? How should we decide the custom price? Let's find out together.